17 April 2019

5 Tips For Improving Your Co-workers’ Comfort During a Business Trip

Business trips are often stressful and tiring. To ensure that your co-workers travel in the best possible conditions, here are certain tips for improving comfort:

1. Tailor the travel to the destination

The travel booking will depend on the destination and the number of engagements planned. For example, if a co-worker has a really important engagement, it would be wise arrive the day before. That way they won’t worry unnecessarily about arriving late.

Equally, if your co-worker needs to travel far away, and in order to reduce jet lag, prioritise:

  • A night-time flight that will enable the co-worker to sleep
  • A flight that arrives a few hours before their engagement so that they have a little time to settle in.

Extra tip: if the employee is travelling long haul, see if you can group together several engagements during their trip. One longer trip a year is better than several shorter ones.

2. Choose to upgrade and have access to an airport lounge

Whether travelling by plane or by train, business passengers use their trip to carry on working, prepare for engagements or simply rest. Why not upgrade your employee for extra comfort? A larger seat and more legroom will reduce the effects of travel and your employee will be better equipped to carry out their professional engagement at their destination - not to mention appreciate your efforts!

Airport lounges offer a space for relaxing far away from the bustle and are the ideal waiting area for your employees. They can enjoy the refreshments and use the available facilities in order to work in peace.

With the Lufthansa Group’s PartnerPlusBenefit loyalty programme, you can ensure that your co-worker receives an upgrade or access to a lounge. Simply redeem points against these advantages at no extra cost.

Booking a business trip for a co-worker? Ensure everything runs smoothly with our 5 best practises to follow.  

3. Book a hotel that is suitable for business travellers

When travelling for business purposes, comfort is not the only thing that counts; the accommodation is just as important. What matters the most is the location of the hotel. It must be close to where your co-worker’s meeting or event will be held and should have business services, for example a good internet connection and the availability of a scanner or printer.

The hotel room should be quiet and have a desk to enable your co-worker to work. They may also want to be able to relax between appointments, so booking a hotel with a gym or a relaxation area is a nice touch. Similarly, a hotel with a restaurant would be a good idea so that your co-worker doesn't need to travel around to find one, especially if they're tired or don't have the time.

4. Organise the various means of transport ahead of time

Once your co-worker has arrived at their destination, they will either need to go directly to their appointment, or to their hotel. For their comfort, consider booking a taxi or a shuttle bus. This will save them the time and effort of having to organise this themselves, particularly if they are rushed or tired.

5. Let employees enjoy some free time

A final tip for increasing your co-worker’s comfort during a business trip is to allow them some time to themselves before their return. As well as cementing business relationships, business travel is a means of discovering another environment. They will probably feel like seeing the sights, particularly if it's their first time there, and is a good way of having a transition before heading back to the company.  With this in mind, offering recommendations for places they can visit can be greatly appreciated.

When it comes to booking business flights there’s a lot to take into consideration. Download our useful checklist to ensure you’ve covered all aspects for a successful flight booking.

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