25 April 2019

The Employee Wellness Perks Revitalising Team Wellbeing and Happiness

Employee wellness is an important consideration for businesses big and small. It can have a direct impact on productivity, morale, output, and company health.

Luckily, there are several things that office managers, owners, and supervisors can do to maintain the wellness of their teams. Offering considered and appropriate employee perks is one of the most effective means of ensuring the health and happiness of your staff.

From childcare vouchers to flexible working hours, we’ll explore a number of employee benefits that can make a genuine difference to your team’s wellbeing and show you how they can help your colleagues to feel happier and more motivated around the office.

Employee perks that will help your team’s wellbeing 

Childcare vouchers

Childcare is one of the biggest outlays for working parents and is something that many people can struggle to budget for while juggling other overheads. The cost of childcare can put a lot of financial pressure on families, something which can ultimately lead to stress and anxiety developing within your workforce.

Employers looking to help alleviate the financial strain of childcare on their team can sign up for an approved childcare scheme.

This allows your staff to access a portion of their salary to spend on childcare vouchers, without paying any tax or National Insurance.

Childcare vouchers usually work through a salary sacrifice scheme, by which your employees agree to take a salary reduction in return for tax-free childcare vouchers. It’s a great way of helping staff make a saving on the cost of expensive childcare provision, and could help to alleviate any financial pressure that may be causing them unwanted stress and anxiety.

Onsite gym or free fitness classes

Finding time to exercise can be difficult for people juggling busy lives at home and at work. But with many people sitting at a desk for several hours a day, it’s crucial that they make time to stay active. Failure to do so could have an impact on their productivity, health and general wellbeing.

Encouraging your staff to get active isn’t easy, and no employer wants to push their people beyond their comfort zone when it comes to adopting a healthy lifestyle. However, there are things you can do to make staying fit and active more accessible, convenient and affordable.

If you have space and the resources, why not transform a portion of your workspace into an on-site gym where people can work out for free, either on their lunch break, before work, or after. Failing that, you could provide your staff with a discounted membership to a nearby gym, or else set aside some funds to pay for after-hours fitness classes.

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Access to professional consultants and counsellors

Even if they don’t say it, every member of your team will have something going on in their lives that they could use a little help with. Whether this is their personal finances or the need to sit down and talk with someone about how they’re feeling, they could benefit from having access to professional services and counsellors to help them work through those challenges.

From help with financing for their future to addressing mental health issues, there are many services available that employers can put their staff in contact with and finance. Employers who provide counselling services to their staff may also be eligible for government tax breaks, so it’s certainly something to look into as a way to help maintain the wellness of your people.

A comprehensive employee development programme

Employee wellness often stems from feeling valued in the workplace, and nothing shows that you value your staff more than investing in their ongoing training and development.

Employee development should go beyond the direct business needs of the company and offer a platform from which your staff can develop professionally. The programme should reflect the long-term career goals of the individual and not simply the requirements of your business.

There are many ways to help your employees develop their professional skills, and you should let them take the lead in how they want to progress with their personal development. Set aside regular blocks of time when they can pursue professional ambitions such as learning a new skill or invest in regular training days that support their professional or vocational learning.

Creating a comprehensive employee development programme demonstrates that you value your staff as people, which will help them feel happier and more motivated in the workplace.

Revitalise your team wellbeing and happiness

A business is nothing without its people, so ensuring that you look after your team’s wellbeing as much as you look after your customers is vital.

By implementing internal or even external reward schemes (like Perkbox) into your business, your team will have a variety of perks they can claim and redeem at their own leisure, making for a happier workforce - a factor for greater productivity and efficiency whilst decreasing your staff turnover.

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