18 March 2019

How to Save Money (and Look Great) When Booking Business Travel

Booking business travel for your boss or colleagues while keeping to a fixed budget can be a challenge. You want your co-workers to experience the best possible flight, but at the same time you want to look good by finding the best deal.

With multiple in-flight preferences to allocate into your budget, as well as limited time restrictions due to last-minute decisions, you’re often juggling between choosing flight quality, comfort and cost.

To help you get the very most out of your budget, we’ve come up with the best ways to save money when booking business travel — without having to compromise on quality or your colleagues’ personal preferences.

5 ways to save money when booking business travel

Nowadays, there are many tips and tricks that savvy flight-bookers use to save money when booking business trip flights. Here are five money-saving tips we recommend:

1. Sign up to flight price tracker alerts

Flight prices fluctuate daily, but it’s impossible for you to keep an eye on all of them by yourself. Signing up to third-party comparison websites such as Kayak and Google Flights means you’ll receive email notifications if your desired flight price drops to a specified threshold or certain amount. This is a great way to monitor those price changes and make bookings that really suit your budget.

2. Book business flights on certain days of the week

While there isn’t a set ‘cheapest’ day on which to book flights, some statistics do suggest that the day you book to fly can affect how much it’ll cost you. According to one of the world's foremost experts on budget travel, Pauline Frommer, you can save up to 19% if you book your colleagues’ airfare on a weekend, whilst the cheapest day to depart the UK is on a Friday, saving you 21% compared to the average price of departing on a Sunday.

You may also find it’s cheaper to fly out a day or two before the originally planned dates, and some websites like Skyscanner and TravelRepublic offer whole month views or flexible (+/- 3-day) options respectively, making price comparison a lot quicker than manually searching all date possibilities. We’re sure your colleagues wouldn’t mind an extra day or two away....

3. Take carry-on luggage only

Most business trips don’t require a huge change of wardrobe, so ensuring your colleagues pack wisely will avoid charges for checked baggage. Many airlines also allow you a carry-on bag of a certain size, which can be handy for accessing electronic equipment.

4. Consider layovers

Booking a long-haul flight for Mark in Business Development? Consider a layover. Doing so may not only save you paying double or triple the price of a non-stop flight but will also allow your colleagues to rest and freshen up before their arrival.

Factor in a layover to your timetable and remember that even if colleagues are willing to wait at another terminal for a few hours, you will likely be saving the business hundreds of pounds — often a worthwhile trade-off.

5. Sign your company up for a frequent business flyer loyalty programme

Many airline groups now offer frequent business flyer loyalty programmes whereby you can earn points for your whole business with every flight. This points system acts as a great money-saver and allows for travel booking to be made efficiently and easily, offering you the chance to redeem rewards such as free upgrades and extra luggage allowance, as well as rewards the entire company can enjoy. (How does company cashback or a new coffee machine sound?)

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How frequent business flyer programmes will help your company to save

Loyalty programmes have come a long way since airlines started enticing people travelling for work to accumulate frequent flyer miles. Now, if you find yourself booking a lot of business travel for your colleagues, all you need to do is sign-up to a free loyalty programme for businesses, and sit back while your whole company collects points with every booking you make for your colleagues.

The more points accumulated, the better the reward. Points can then be redeemed for an array of free bonuses, saving you money for your business. Depending on which loyalty programmes you choose, these rewards can include:

  • Free flights
  • Free cabin upgrades
  • Extra baggage
  • Seat reservation
  • Lounge passes
  • Free internet
  • VIP services
  • Car hire
  • Airport vouchers

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PartnerPlusBenefit Point Redemption Guide