05 June 2019

Cooking Up an Airline Treat: Mouth-watering In-flight Meals for Lufthansa Group Business Class Travellers

Let’s face it: in-flight meals don’t always enjoy the best reputation. But it’s not quite fair to tar all airlines with the same brush. In fact, many passengers look forward to their in-flight meals, with the quality of the food served going so far as to influence their airline loyalty.

At Lufthansa, our dedicated LSG Sky Chefs have worked alongside some of the world’s best chefs in globally recognised restaurants. Catering for all dietary requirements including vegan, halal, vegetarian, gluten, and kosher, the LSG Group produced 719 million meals and generated consolidated sales of EUR 3.217 billion with 35,512 employees in 59 countries.

So what can you or your colleagues expect from our mouth-watering range of meals and beverages when you travel in Lufthansa Group’s business class cabin? If you’re hungry, you may want to look away now...

Treat your taste buds: business travel in-flight meals


Lufthansa’s business class meals, which change every two months to meet the seasonal needs of customers, range from typical local cuisines on international routes to China, Japan, India, and America, and also caters for short-haul business trips around Europe.

Dishes for long haul destinations include ‘cioppino’ (seafood ragout with tomatoes and saffron), smoke-grilled fillet of beef with hot chilli sauce, fresh pasta stuffed with artichokes, and seafood cartoccio.

For short haul flights, spiced salmon with avocado and parsley mousse, tenderloin of veal, and chaumes, gouda, soft goat cheese and blue borgond with a date and sesame honey chutney (you best fire up Google) are just some delicacies that grace the menu. For vegetarians, how do papaya and caramelized parsnips sound for starters, followed by a yellow vegetable curry with basmati nut rice?

All of these delicious recipes are accompanied by our excellent wine list that meets an international 20-point system. Through a series of blind taste tests, a panel of internal and external wine experts determines the right wines to best match your courses (all the while meeting the requirements for being served on board our flights).

Interested in finding out the meals served on your Lufthansa flight? Simply enter your flight number here.


Swiss offers a ‘taste of Switzerland programme’ whereby travellers are served award-winning culinary delights made from the freshest products and highest-quality services.

The menu, updated every three months, often consists of smoked Balik salmon tartare or slow-cooked beef with vinaigrette and horseradish for starters, followed by beef tenderloin and summer vegetables, or sea bass fillets with red wine sauce and potato gnocchi. Delicious! Of course, flyers also experience a selection of Swiss cheeses, as well as a dessert including tiramisu with salted crumble, or yoghurt and honey mousse with a strawberry sponge.

If the flight is during the morning, the crew roll out a selection of hot and cold breakfast items through the cabin: cold meats, several cheeses, muesli, fruit salad, and/or eggs are just a few of the highlights.

Their vegetarian and vegan range is excellent  too, all created by Hiltl in Zurich, the oldest vegetarian restaurant in the world.

Don’t just enjoy the dining experience on your trip; make it a relaxing one too with these five tips.

Austrian Airlines

Austrian Airlines offers a DO & CO à la carte, one of the world’s best caterers.

To start, flyers can choose from a cold breakfast of fresh fruits, homemade granola, a selection of ham and cheese, and freshly baked bread. Also available is everyone’s favourite, the cooked breakfast.

For mains, dig into a herbed chicken breast on a Caesar salad with croûtons, wild salmon tartar, and a strawberries crème fraîche tart. If that doesn’t tickle the taste buds, Austrian offers a Japanese bento box with a selection of sushi, duck breast masao, and salmon and avocado tartar. Travellers may also be tempted with the Viennese chicken in red pepper sauce with cherry tomatoes, followed by mango and lime meringue.

Vegetarians can enjoy the ‘best of meze’, consisting of hummus, ganoush, stuffed vine leaves and a variety of salads to name but a few features.

However, the best part of business class on Austrian Airlines isn’t the main dish or even a hot breakfast before arrival; the star of the show is the dessert and traditional Viennese coffee service. Austrian Airlines flight attendants are trained to whip up any of the 10 different speciality coffees on board, each served with an individual Gugelhupf — that’s a traditional Austrian bundt cake to you and me.

To see what’s on the menu on your Austrian Airlines flight, simply enter your flight number here.

Eurowings and Germanwings

Eurowings and Germanwings offer an inbound and outbound menu for BIZclass. For the sophisticated palate, the menu features a selection of quality products distinguished by their regional origin, preparation, and unique ingredients.

For this article, we’re going to take a mix from each menu, even though it all sounds so good! For starters, choose from sliced, fried chicken breast with lentil-quinoa salad and curry-crème fraîche mayonnaise, or shrimp in a citrus-herb marinade with roasted corn and jicama salad, fresh pea tendrils, and red pepper coulis. Where do I book my ticket?

The main course options are lamb shank braised in red wine with sauteéd haricot verts and shitake mushrooms, wild rice pilaf, and a rich Merlot reduction, or salmon roll with savoy cabbage filling, potatoes, greens, and asparagus with red curry sauce.

Pasta with cream cheese and spinach filling, or goats cheese ravioli with asparagus are the options for vegetarians.

Brussels Airlines

Brussels Airlines business class offers travellers a taste of Belgium’s internationally acclaimed cuisine. A host of Michelin-starred Belgian chefs create special dishes using local regional produce to be served on board their long haul flights out of Brussels.

They take off with smoked beef, cucumber, sesame and a confit of kombu seaweed with accompanying vinaigrette, or red label smoked salmon and white asparagus cream soup with vanilla and lime.

Still hungry? Three main course options follow. Number one is grilled veal, potatoes, carrot and black garlic with stroganoff sauce. Option two is sea bass and squid, green asparagus, lemon and black olives with rice vinegar sauce. Finally, the third choice is pesto spaghettini, burrata and cherry tomatoes. I’m dribbling.

The menu is finished off with a selection of cheeses before hitting the dessert: pistachio with lime and ginger.

To find out more about Brussels Airlines’ menu, click here.

You’re heading for mouth-watering in-flight meals

If you or a colleague is flying in business class with one of Lufthansa Group’s airlines, you’re guaranteed not only a comfortable and relaxing flight but a dining experience to remember. Each of our airlines offers a mouth-watering selection of dishes, accompanied by the finest beverages, chosen by specialists with one thought in mind: you, the passenger.

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