12 August 2019

The Link Between Business Productivity And Digital Technologies

It’s quite evident that today’s technologies have changed the way we travel, even for work. The booking process has been simplified and accelerated, payments are easier, and the experience has become more and more pleasant.

However, the most interesting issue to emerge in recent times is the link between technology and business travel productivity.

What is that link and how can it improve the quality of your business travel? Read on to discover more.

How to improve your business travel with technology

If you’re a business traveller, you usually carry at least four devices: your smartphone, your laptop, a tablet, and the company mobile (if it doesn’t coincide with your personal one). These tools are necessary to be able to carry out your work whilst abroad, allowing quick access to emails, office documents, and communication with colleagues when needed.

Thanks to this technology, many frequent flyers actually consider themselves to be more productive and creative during their business trip. Here are just a few examples of how.

Optimise time at the airport

Often the hours you spend at the airport can result in a waste of time if you can’t use them to do something useful. Thanks to the technologies available today, it’s possible to optimise the way you spend that time, especially if your company offers a benefit such as access to airport lounges. These are silent areas with Wi-Fi connection, allowing you to continue with your work in total comfort without the need to worry about battery life or data.

Want to experience even more comfort during your business trip? Here are a handful of other useful ways

Take advantage of hotel services

Thanks to the possibility of booking accommodation online and checking the available services in advance, it’s much easier to opt for hotels that include amenities designed specifically for business travellers. For example, in many hotels you can use the conference room to work without being disturbed (best to check that the room is soundproof first though). Other hotel offers well-suited for business guests include:

  • Free WiFi and internet access
  • Breakfast delivered to your room or on-the-go, minimising interruptions
  • Healthy snack packs to take away
  • Efficient check-in/out and transfer solutions
  • Extra bandwidth to boost connectivity
  • Quick laundry service
  • Wellness treats like massages to help relax at the end of a long day

Use all available apps

A wonder of the digital world, apps allow you to save a great deal of time while being more autonomous and independent. Calling or booking a taxi or driver in advance, or using a car-sharing service, has never been simpler, as well as checking flights and local means of travel. Whilst you’re abroad, reserving a table at a restaurant by relying on reviews is a great convenience, especially since many restaurants offer discounts to diners booking through their app.

In addition, there are useful apps that help manage the business cards you’ve collected during your various meetings. Scan them through the camera so as never to lose them.

Read how you can use technology to manage your travel expenses too.

Take advantage of the new context

However tiring you might find travelling, a business trip is still a moment away from the daily routine. Being away from home in a new and different context can help you to feel stimulated, enabling you to carry out your duties in a more active and productive manner.

Stay in touch with the family

Business travel doesn’t mean you have to miss friends and relatives back home. Thanks to highly accessible internet connections almost everywhere, you can easily make a phone call or send messages using instant messaging apps from smartphones or computer video calls.

Discover the importance of ‘bleisure’ whilst on a business trip.

Use technology to enhance your business trip experience

All the points listed in this article will allow you to tackle your business travel with a more positive, relaxed mentality and without too many worries.

By taking a moment to think ahead, downloading helpful apps, and bringing along the right devices, you can stay connected with loved ones whilst at the same time being more productive, improving performance, and ultimately bringing better results to your business. 

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