30 September 2019

The Green Miles: Lufthansa's Contribution to a Greater Fuel Efficiency And Reduced Carbon Footprint

As the climate change conversation has heated up, so has public awareness around our carbon footprints and the impact we’re having as individuals and as businesses on the environment.

In 2013, the average personal footprint in Britain was recorded at 7.1t. Chief amongst these contributors, modern air travel has brought tremendous advantages to our lives, but at the same time, these new opportunities have also impacted global CO2 levels.

Just one return flight from London to New York produces a greater carbon footprint than a whole year’s personal allowance needed to keep the climate safe.

Thankfully, airlines are starting to take action. How is a strong sense of corporate social responsibility (CSR) guiding Lufthansa Group and what are we doing to offset our flyers’ footprints? 

Lufthansa’s “Compensaid” sustainability platform

In August 2019, Lufthansa’s Innovation Hub launched the “Compensaid” sustainability platform. This allows for travellers to offset their individual carbon footprint using so-called Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF). How does it work?

"Compensaid" combines an innovative tracking tool for flights of all airlines worldwide with a sustainability platform. Travellers receive a detailed evaluation of their entire travel history, which not only includes flight distance, time and destinations, but also shows the efficiency of the respective aircraft type, individual fuel consumption, and the associated CO2 emissions.

"Compensaid" can reduce CO2 emissions by up to 80% per passenger.

“Flying benefits our world in many different ways but also has negative climate effects which need to be counteracted - not least from a digital perspective. Every individual traveller can take action: with “Compensaid,” we provide people with a tool that shows them the climate effects of their flights. This impact can be reduced significantly with the help of innovative technologies such as sustainable aviation fuel,” explained Gleb Tritus, Managing Director of the Lufthansa Innovation Hub.

Travellers have two options for CO2 offsetting. Using the platform, they can replace fossil aviation fuels one-to-one with SAF by calculating the market-based surcharge in comparison to fossil kerosene. Travellers willing to pay this surcharge can use it to cover their individual kerosene consumption with the climate-neutral aviation fuel, while the Lufthansa Group will continue to pay the basic rate for the kerosene.

Alternatively, travellers can support a reforestation project in Nicaragua, which also works alongside the Climate Protection scheme, run by our partners MyClimate. Similar to the above option, travellers can make a voluntary set payment - in a number of currencies - depending on their origin and destination. This is worked out using a simple online calculator.

Read the full “Compensaid” press release.

Exchange your PartnerPlusBenefit points for carbon offsetting

If you’re a member of our business frequent flyer loyalty programme, you can do your bit to help the planet by redeeming your BenefitPoints points for any of the three carbon offsetting propositions:

  1. 3,000 BenefitPoints to offset 8.5t of CO2 emissions - equates to turning off 35 desktop computers for a year.
  2. 25,000 BenefitPoints to offset 78.5t of CO2 emissions - similar to taking 23 cars off the road for a year.
  3. 100,000 BenefitPoints to offset 314t of CO2 emissions - equivalent to shutting down a 1,800m² air-conditioned office for a year.

Your BenefitPoints will support a portfolio of high-quality projects both in Germany and in developing and emerging countries around the world. As well as reducing CO2 emissions, the projects are all entirely sustainable, bringing social, economic, and ecological improvements to the local populations through benefits such as job creation, knowledge and technology transfers, and an enhanced quality of living.

Your company will also receive a certificate and regular updates on the specific projects, keeping your company's contribution and the great work you're doing front of mind.

Here’s just some of the great projects you can help support with your BenefitPoints.

The Changemaker Challenge

Lufthansa Group’s ‘The Changemaker Challenge’ calls for talented students, professionals, and early-stage startups from around the globe to submit their ideas for making travel and mobility more sustainable.

The Lufthansa Innovation Hub will be partnering alongside major travel influencers Expedia Group, Google, and Uber to judge the submitted ideas and share our insights into various areas of the travel journey, from planning and booking right through to experience and engagement. The finalists will have the chance to pitch in front of a jury, including Lufthansa Group, and the winners will be able to advance their idea further.

Lufthansa: Leading the way in airline corporate social responsibility

The Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research estimated that we need to cut global emissions by 90% by 2050, and that includes drastic changes to air travel’s fuel efficiency.

In response to this, Lufthansa Group enacted a total of 34 fuel-savings projects in 2017 and reported a 4.5% drop in fuel consumption to 3.68 litres per 100 passenger kilometres. Other notable achievements by Lufthansa Group include reducing CO2 emissions by roughly 64,400 tonnes, as well as saving over 25.5 million litres of kerosene.

With projects like “Compensaid” and many of the other green initiatives discussed in this article, Lufthansa is leading the way towards more sustainable air travel. Plans are already in motion to expand the partner network for offsetting to all means of transport, so however you travel, you’ll be going that extra mile towards a greener planet.

If you’re interested in exchanging your BenefitPoints for carbon offsetting solutions or simply want to browse the other rewards available, download your complimentary copy of Lufthansa Group’s PartnerPlusBenefit point redemption guide.

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