15 October 2019

How to Prepare Your Suitcase for a Business Trip: The Marie Kondo Method

Space is limited, your itinerary is full, and if you’re flying, you have weight restrictions to think about. Of course, we’re talking about packing for your next business trip.

Between your laptop, a wardrobe change, and those nice-to-haves you never travel without, you’re probably already short on space. So what do you do? Your tech is mandatory and the last thing you want is to arrive for your meeting wearing the same thing you travelled in.

Help comes from an unexpected place in the form of Japanese organisation expert Marie Kondo.

The Marie Kondo method for packing your business travel suitcase

Marie Kondo is a Japanese organisation consultant and bestselling author. Her famous method of tidying, which is used all over the world, can also be adapted to packing a suitcase. The ‘KonMari’ method she has created comprises of the following principles:

  • Everything at once and in a short period of time

The first step for an ideally packed suitcase is to organise the essentials. Take your time when preparing your items, but physically pack in a short period of time.

  • Collect everything you want to pack in a pile

Categorise everything you need to take with you on your business trip and put it in a pile: clothing, shoes, technical equipment, bathroom kit, etc.

  • Decide what you want to keep based on the question, ‘does it make me happy when I pick up this item?’

Pick up each item, from your shirt to your toothbrush, and decide whether to take it with you or not. The question about happiness is perhaps somewhat exaggerated. Instead, you might like to think of it as ‘will I really need this?’ The aim is to separate the essentials from what you can’t take with you or don’t really need.

  • Each item you keep will be assigned its place

Not only what you need is important, but also where and how you can take it with you. Marie recommends ensuring that all items of clothing have their place in the suitcase, carry bag or trolley (that way you don’t have to unpack all your luggage when you need a particular item).

Once a rough distinction has been made, think about how to implement it. For example, the right-hand side of your suitcase could be used for shoes, the left-hand side for clothing, and the middle for a laptop and other technological equipment.

  • All things must be stowed properly

The final step is to stow the clothes in a crease-resistant way. An important part of the method invented by Marie is about folding clothes. With her special folding technique, everything remains visible and easy to take from the case. The secret is to fold the garment into a rectangle and place it vertically in the suitcase.

Discover Marie Kondo’s instructions for folding and witness her method via this video.

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Improve your business travel packing

The KonMari method can be very useful for improving the organisation of your suitcase contents ahead of a business trip. Even if it may seem complicated at first glance, once learnt it can increase your packing productivity for future business trips.

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