22 April 2019

Refresh and Upgrade Your Business Travel Set

When you travel for business on long-haul or short-haul flights, you’ll have a selection of ‘must haves’ you take everywhere. From necessities like a carry-on case to helpful devices like battery packs, these are the items you won’t be able to cope without.

But, for the frequent traveller, these items can become worn, meaning you’ll need to replace them. In some instances, there may be items out there that are better than the ones you’re using. There are even items that’ll improve your business travel, you didn’t know existed.

Here, we highlight eight of the best items designed to refresh and upgrade your business travel.

Smart luggage

You’ve probably been pulling that same suitcase around for years now. So, it’s probably time for an upgrade. But, rather than buying a regular carry-on case, why not opt for new and improved smart luggage?

While smart tech has improved various products over the last few years, a carry-on case may seem a strange choice. But it’ll be a godsend for frequent business trips. While battery packs (still helpful) may have done the job in the past, many smart luggage lines come with several built-in USB charging ports. So, there’ll be no worry of running out of battery on your journey. Most come with a built-in scale, lock and tracking device too.

Packing accessories

Whether you have smart luggage or a regular carry-on, keeping the inside organised is one of the most important things to do.

A business trip, as you know, isn’t like a regular trip. You have multiple items you wouldn’t usually take, which is why items like packing cubes or a Grid-It are perfect. The former is ideal for keeping things organised, meaning you can have separate cubes for wires, documents and clothing. Meanwhile, Grid-It uses an elastic band system to keep everything in place. A combination of these will keep your items safe and organised. Perfect for when a last-minute conference pops up.

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Luggage tracker lock

If you aren’t able to refresh your carry-on by investing in smart luggage, there are ways to make your old carry-on a little smarter.

The best way to do this is with a smart travel lock. Working in the same way as a regular lock, these locks carry an extra layer of security with them. Controlled via your smartphone, these can be customised to ensure only you know how to unlock it.

Systems like the AirBolt will activate an alarm if the lock is moved too far away from your phone. It even has a built-in GPS so you can track your bag should it go missing.

Self-Filtering bottle

When travelling, especially by air, it’s important to stay hydrated. But, as you’ll know, purchasing those bottles of water at the airport can all add up. And expenses probably won’t cover them all.

But, by adding a self-filtering water bottle to your airport essentials, you’ll be able to make any tap water taste like you bought it over the counter and avoid unnecessary waste of single-use plastic bottles.

Privacy screen

When you’re travelling for business, you’ll probably find yourself doing work at the airport. If you’re working on something confidential, you won't want anyone casting their eyes upon it. Available in a variety of sizes, a privacy screen is a great addition to your airport accessories arsenal. Obscuring the view for anyone other than yourself, these make the screen dark and unclear unless viewed face on.

New travel plug

If you regularly travel all across the globe, you’ll probably have various travel plugs. This only heightens the chances of grabbing the wrong plug before you head off.

That’s why 2019 is the year to upgrade to one travel plug you can take across the globe. With a global travel plug, you’ll be covered no matter where you are in the world. Plugs like the one from KINDEN Universal covers over 150 different countries, featuring standard US, EU, UK and AU plugs.

Personal hotspot

There’s nothing worse than having to wait for your device to re-connect, or having a slow internet provider. In fact, some airports will only provide you with an hour of free Wi-Fi, which is never ideal while working.

While you could pay to use the airport’s internet, investing in a personal hotspot will ensure you have internet wherever you go. This will also come in handy if there's patchy Wi-Fi at your hotel or conference.

Translation devices

If you work in a variety of countries, the chances of you encountering a language barrier are pretty high.

In some instances, you may be able to speak the language, or this might not be an issue while at the office. But, investing in a language translation device could be beneficial. With the likes of TripLingo, Waygo, Travis and more on the market, you’ll be able to translate multiple languages in real time, helping to prevent any awkward moments. One of these could be the missing piece to your business travel accessories.

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