20 August 2019

The (Hidden) Perks of Booking Business Class Flights

If you’ve always wondered whether or not to upgrade your flights to business class, it’s time to seriously consider it.

Over recent years, many major airlines have concentrated on adapting and improving their business class service in order to entice more businessmen and women to fill the empty seats and fly in style.

It’s no secret that business class flights offer better perks to economy class, but did you know there are other hidden rewards you can redeem as well? Below are a few of these lesser-known perks some airlines offer when booking business class travel.

Chauffeur service right outside your (business) door

Imagine not needing to worry about how you’re arriving at the terminal or where to park your car. Some business class airlines offer a door-to-door chauffeur service. Quick taxis, minibuses, and even limousines are often available, all affiliated with the airline so they can alert you to any delays and adjust your pick-up time accordingly. This means less time spent waiting outside in the rain and more time for answering those last-minute emails.

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Priority Check-in experience

Gone are the days of waiting around in queues to check in your luggage. Most business class airlines offer priority check-in, where the airline staff takes care of the entire process, allowing you to skip ahead of the queues and head straight to the pre-flight lounge! 

A member of airport staff might even handle your bag drop for you, so you’ve no need to weave in and out the crowds to reach the check-in desk.

Relax in classy pre-flight lounges

Your business travel experience begins well before boarding, so start it the right way by relaxing in the comfortable and spacious pre-flight lounges and avoiding the hustle of the airport floors. Complimentary food and drink are always on offer, whilst unlimited Wi-Fi and multiple electronic points mean you can relax and recharge with your laptop.

Business class lounges will differ slightly depending on the airline, but some even offer showers, private sleeping areas, and pre-flight massages from qualified masseuses. 

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Priority boarding

As well as skipping the queues at check-in, you’re also able to jump the queue when it comes to boarding the plane. The airline staff will let you know exactly when you need to board, allowing you to make your way straight onto the plane and prepare yourself for the journey. No more holding up people in the aisle or competing to fit hand luggage in the overhead locker.

Extra onboard amenities and facilities

As airlines have started to invest more and more into their business class experience, they’ve even taken the smallest of touches into account. From comfy pillows and cosy flight socks to toiletry kits and noise-cancelling headphones, many airlines offer handy freebies to help keep their business class customers fresh and relaxed in the air.

If that’s not enough, how does an alcoholic tipple at 35,000ft sound? That’s right, some airlines have even equipped their planes with bars and lounge areas – the perfect place to stretch your legs, socialise with other business workers, and unwind.

Long haul flights are a more pleasurable experience

The long haul flight experience (especially if it’s overnight) has just got a lot better for business class travellers. A comforting and cosy environment is imperative to airlines, and sometimes you’ll receive additional perks such as pyjamas and slippers to wear onboard. ‘Special’ pillows and thicker blankets may also be handed out, guaranteeing you a good night’s sleep so you land rested, refuelled, and ready to do business.

Be the first to leave the plane

A recurring theme across these perks is the ability to skip the queues and save on waiting time, and that’s no different once you reach your destination. Business class passengers are almost always first off the plane, meaning you don’t have to wait in the aisle for other travellers to retrieve their hold luggage from the overhead compartments.

Book business class for a perk-filled flight  

Going on a business trip can be a stressful experience. Stepping into the hustle and bustle of the airport and joining long, slow-moving queues at check-in is a headache nobody needs, not to mention the painstakingly tedious waiting in the public lounges for your flight to be called.

With business class flights, you can start your journey the right way thanks to the hidden perks available to its customers. From priority check-in to impressive airport lounges, onboard amenities and the chance to leave the plane first, business class passengers are sure to arrive relaxed and ready to tackle the day’s duties ahead.

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