21 November 2019

Top 5 Lufthansa WorldShop Gifts to Get Your Office This Christmas

It’s that time of the year again when the tinsel comes out, the fairy lights switch on, and a buzz begins to build throughout the office in anticipation of the annual Christmas party. Feeling festive, yet?

Of course, with Christmas comes another long-held office tradition: the Secret Santa draw. Some love it. Others, not so much. In a similarly festive line of thought, many managers and directors will be looking to reward their teams with gifts the whole office can enjoy. 

If you’re struggling for ideas or stuck for time then fear not: Lufthansa’s WorldShop store is here to help you find that perfect office gift.

Until 23rd December, PartnerPlusBenefit is offering 20% off the entire WorldShop selection. 

To help, we’ve selected what we think are the top 5 Lufthansa WorldShop gifts, so you can choose the perfect present for your office and your colleagues this Christmas.

Top 5 office Christmas gifts your team will love

1. Electronic tablet for communal office use

A great gift the whole office will appreciate is a new tablet. Smaller and more portable than laptops, tablets are an ideal travel companion when you’re next on the road for a meeting (or a plane for a conference abroad). They’re great back-ups in case a laptop is forgotten or breaks unexpectedly. And with demand for flexible working solutions continuing to rise, the ability to lend out tablets will help to keep your team happier and more engaged

Our selection of specs, sizes, and storage means you can choose the right tablet for your office. There’s no time like the present — browse our extensive range of tablets now.

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2. The perfect luggage to fit every business traveller’s needs

Even frequent flyers can roll their eyes at the thought of having to pack yet another suitcase, but this gift will allow them to travel in style. Make their journey easier by purchasing one of Lufthansa WorldShop’s robust luggage sets or single trolleys and cases designed with little extras to suit the business traveller’s needs. Our variety of sizes, colours, and materials to suit every taste will ensure travellers can pack their essentials and still have some room for any souvenirs they pick up when taking a little bleisure time.

3. Loudspeaker to improve office cohesion

Culture is the foundation on which every business is built. According to an article published by Business Insider last year, one of the best ways to bring your office together (and even improve productivity) is by playing music.

With our loudspeakers, you can sync a Bluetooth enabled device, meaning your team can listen to the news, join in on streamed webinars and conferences, or enjoy the latest chart-toppers without the need for headphones. If you’re brave enough, you can even link your personal music account to the speaker and let your team judge your tastes! The only decision you’ll be left with is what music to play.

How about some Christmas jingles to get your office in the mood?

4. Coffee machine for your office kitchen

Most of us know the comforting kick a shot of caffeine can deliver when 10 am hits and we start flagging. With winter drawing closer and the days getting colder, there’s no better way to warm up your colleagues than with a steaming hot cup of their favourite brew.

At Lufthansa’s WorldShop, we have a wide range of modern coffee machines from some of the world’s best-loved brands, so however your office prefers its coffee, there’s a machine to suit you. Speed up your day with one of our multi-functional machines that make a delicious variety of coffees in seconds - mine’s an espresso!

5. Luxury stationery for the office prize winner

Does your office hold a Christmas raffle, competition, or quiz? Why not tempt everyone to get involved with one of our luxury pens and notebooks from the selection available?

An ideal prize for the writing enthusiast of the office and anyone who likes to make an impression, our range of stationery will add a touch of exclusivity every time they put pen to paper - just another way to impress your international business partners and prospects during a meeting.

Help save the planet this Christmas

Christmas is the perfect time to give a little back and do a little good. With Lufthansa’s Compensaid sustainability platform, the whole office can help to put a smile on more than just your colleagues’ faces.

Compensaid has set up a reforestation initiative in Nicaragua that enables you to help reforest a region location at Estero Real, a critical watershed that feeds into the country’s most important estuary. The reforestation will not only store CO2 but will help conserve the wetlands, home to a rich biodiversity of native plants and animals.

Supporting Estero Real’s local community in its reforestation efforts couldn’t be easier — simply make a voluntary set payment, worked out using a simple online calculator, before your next business trip. 

Thanks to Lufthansa’s Compensaid platform, we’ve already planted over 1,800 trees and saved over 300 tonnes of CO2!

Want to do more to save the planet when on business travel? Here’s how!

Spread the festive cheer with Lufthansa WorldShop

Christmas is a time for giving, and in the workplace, it’s no different. Whether you’re treating the whole office or buying a gift for a colleague, Lufthansa WorldShop has got you covered. 

From travel essentials and equipment for the office kitchen to comfy pillows and desk lighting, alongside the added benefit of 20% off the entire selection, your office will be a happy and productive place to work all year round.

Planning on going abroad for business in the new year? Test yourself and have a go at our business etiquette quiz to see if you’re ready. Click on the image below.

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