17 April 2019

Unforeseen Circumstances for Co-worker Business Trips: How to Deal With Them

When on a business trip, a traveller is not immune from the unexpected. With the business and relationship issues that such travel entails, unforeseen events are an inevitable source of stress. Even if contingencies are unavoidable, preparations can be made in order to deal with them as well as possible.

We explain how to resolve five contingencies that your co-workers may encounter during their business trips.

1. Dealing with an unexpected issue relating to the flight

The first contingency that your co-workers may face is a problem with their flight. This could be a cancellation, delay, overbooking or even missing a connected flight.

In the event of cancellation, delay or overbooking, the airline company has an obligation to secure the passenger a place on the next flight. With Lufthansa Group’s and its partners’ PartnerPlusBenefit loyalty programme, passengers enjoy a global network of destinations. Therefore, there is always a solution to offer a business traveller.

To avoid wasting time on the day of departure, check in as early as 23 hours before departure, or select one of the many check-in solutions offered by airline companies: automatic, online, via mobile phone, at a check-in terminal, etc. This will allow your co-worker to relax and focus on their next appointment.

2. Dealing with lost or damaged luggage

When they arrive at their destination, your co-worker may find that their luggage has got lost or been damaged. Should this happen, the passenger must immediately inform the airline company. To save time, suggest that your co-worker take a photo of their suitcase. The company will then be able to identify it more quickly.

Another solution is to travel light. If your co-worker is only away for a few days, it would best to only take hand luggage which they keep with them on board. If necessary, they can always use the hotel’s laundry service.

Unforeseeable circumstances are stressful to deal with. Make sure your business trip is as comfortable and relaxing as possible by reading our article

3. Dealing with external events

Other than problems relating to travel itself, it may be that your co-worker has to deal with external events which have nothing to do with the transport company. These can include bad weather and strikes. In order to deal with this contingency, register to receive alerts from the authorities and the airline companies. This way you can anticipate and find an alternative travel solution for your co-worker.

4. Losing documents

Losing documents is an unexpected event that can cause real problems for your co-worker during their business trip. These documents may be professional or personal, such as ID documents.

In the first case, and if your co-worker is abroad, they should contact the embassy or consulate of the country in which they are in. In any event, consider scanning all the official documents and storing them in a storage space, such as the Cloud. This will enable them to be accessed quickly and easily. This procedure also applies to professional documents and is a safety measure that will help your co-worker avoid stress before an engagement.

5. Dealing with a medical emergency

While travelling, your co-worker may run into a medical problem that forces them to interrupt their trip. Depending on the severity of the problem, they may need to be repatriated. The company should therefore take out travel insurance that at minimum covers medical care and repatriation on health grounds. Before each departure, remember to provide your co-worker with the insurance contact details.

NB: Remember to draw up a memo that lists all the contact details of those who may be of use to your co-workers during their business trips.

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