30 October 2019

Small Businesses Fly, Too: Why a Travel Loyalty Programme Could Help Your Start-Up Soar

So, you’ve set up your own business and you’re well on your way to building new relationships with partners across the globe. For many, this is an important step towards new markets and the partnerships your business needs to grow.

But air travel costs can quickly build-up, particularly if your budget is limited and everyone is booking them differently. 

Is there a better way you could be booking those trips abroad, one which will actually reward you for flying out?

Step forward business travel loyalty programmes. I’m sure you’ve heard of these before and you may think they’re only targeted at large companies with multiple employees flying on a weekly basis. Not true - the right business travel loyalty programme can have numerous benefits for start-ups and small businesses, too.

Could a business travel loyalty programme help your start-up soar?

Why your start-up business should choose a travel loyalty programme

Less expensive business class flights

Fancy saving your business a bit of money? By joining your start-up business to a travel loyalty programme, you and your colleagues can save every time you travel!

Take Lufthansa’s PartnerPlusBenefit travel loyalty programme, for example. It works using points which are obtained with each journey, so the more your business travels, the more points your account accumulates. Once you’ve earned enough ‘BenefitPoints’ you can redeem them in exchange for a variety of travel benefits or gifts for your office or colleagues. 

Better yet, with a limit of 1,000 people per account with PartnerPlusBenefit, you’re in a perfect position to scale your points – and your rewards – as your business grows.

Want to save your company even more money when booking business travel? (Of course, you do!)

Ability to travel worldwide

When it comes to booking flights, many businesses require three aspects above all else: price, ease, and convenience. Travel loyalty programmes offer an extensive network of airlines that connect a wide range of journeys to suit your needs.

The PartnerPlusBenefit programme offers the chance to travel with 11 partner airlines that cover over 800 destinations across the world. In addition, each flight has a coordinated timetable allowing for a better travel experience and even more comfort.

Easy and efficient booking procedures

Managing business travel is often complex and can be time-consuming, especially if there’s no set procedure in place. What airport shall I arrive at? Will I get a window seat? Have I got all the documentation I need?

Business travel loyalty programmes like PartnerPlusBenefit have implemented various solutions to help you make the most of your time and budget.

Firstly, you have access to detailed reports on all the business trips and associated costs so you can plan your trip and expenses in advance. Secondly, an online or telephone service is provided so that you can quickly receive assistance with any issues or reservation changes. That’s less time worrying about amendments and more time to clinching that business deal.

Guaranteed comfort

Let’s face it, the last thing you want is to arrive at your potential new client’s offices with a bad back, feeling exhausted, and worrying that you’ve missed out on a vital email.

Through a travel loyalty programme, you have the opportunity to redeem your points on rewards such as pre-boarding lounges in certain airports, preferred seating, cabin upgrades, or in-flight Wi-Fi – so you’re always on top form when you land.

Discover 5 tips for improving your comfort during a business trip – before you even step foot on the plane.

Earn points alongside personal air miles

As a new business with no set travel procedure, you and your colleagues may be inclined to book business travel with preferred airlines or groups you already have personal air miles for. 

With travel loyalty programmes such as PartnerPlusBenefit, there’s no need to worry about missing out on personal points. Simply book your flight and simultaneously earn corporate BenefitPoints and personal air miles. That’s double the points and double the benefits for the same amount of travel.

Redeem points for travel perks or office gifts

Business travel loyalty programmes will reward you for being loyal to their brand or group, so the more flights you book the more money you’ll save in the long run. As well as the rewards already mentioned, you can also redeem points for perks like excess baggage, transfers to and from the airport, car rental and hotel vouchers, or even free flights!

In addition, PartnerPlusBenefit also offers cashback on your flights and even carbon offsetting initiatives. If you prefer to reward your employees, you can exchange your BenefitPoints for a gift at WorldShop. That’s the newly refurbished office kitchen kitted out nicely.

Join a business travel loyalty programme and help your start-up soar

Air travel plays a significant role in your business’ growth and budget. It can open gateways to new partnerships, increase recognition of your brand, and delight your staff. It’s therefore important to have a cost-effective, efficient, and easy travel procedure for you and your colleagues to follow, and business travel loyalty programmes offer just that.

By accumulating points each time you fly, you’ll be rewarded with free perks that will help your business save money in the long-run and help your start-up soar. And best of all, companies of any size and any experience are entitled to sign-up. What are you waiting for?

If you’re interested in signing up with Lufthansa Group’s PartnerPlusBenefit programme and want to find out how many points you need to accumulate to exchange for a reward, check out our handy brochure below.

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